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A cure for the common hangover

December 30, 2017

Parties are fun. Hangovers are not. When you catch the vodka flu, fight back with these 10 hacks to put the spring back in your step.

by Erin Henderson

Frank Sinatra once said, “I feel sorry for people who don’t drink. They wake up in the morning and that’s as good as they’re going to feel all day.”

But as all of us imbibers know painfully well, sometimes you wake up in the morning feeling so bad all you can do is pray for a fast death. If only it were that simple. When the ancient party gods Bacchus and Dionysus  decide to reign fury for a night well spent, there’s hell to pay.

If you are painting the town red tonight, we’ve got a few ideas* to cure all that could ail you tomorrow.


A little caveat and well-meaning advice: as much as we enjoy a good beverage, we also enjoy staying (reasonably) classy and would advise you to do the same. We’ve all put a lot of hard work and effort into looking fabulous, and wearing those heels all night means you’ve definitely earned a New Year’s kiss with a handsome stranger or two, so to don’t blow it by barfing in the bathroom.

But, we’re all adults here and part of being north of 30 year old can sometimes mean half a glass of wine and we’re feeling it for three days. So, with that in mind, here are 10 popular* ways those suffering from the booze flu try to lift their, ahem, spirits.

The Departed cocktail at The Drake Hotel.

  1. Water. Drink one glass of H20 for every glass or two of hooch. Booze is a diuretic and you need to replace lost fluids.
  2. Sports drinks, coconut water or even Pedialyte. Replacing lost electrolytes the next day is key to getting back on the horse.
  3. Coffee. This is more psychological than physical, as caffeine is a diuretic and will likely worsen your symptoms. But you’re already suffering, so what the hell?
  4. More Alcohol. For us, it’s physically impossible to have another drink when we’re still reeling from the night before, but many of our hard-core friends use the hair of the dog as a sure-fire way to feel better. We think it may cause alcoholism, but whatever.
  5. Pickle Juice. Yup, gross, but some swear by it. It may have to do with the briney liquid and replacing electrolytes, but that’s just a guess.
  6. Pain killers. If you’re easing your booze intake with drugs, stick to ibuprofen. Acetaminophen may help with headaches but can irritate the stomach lining and potentially cause more damage.
  7. Greasy food. We think this is more a placebo than anything else, but sometimes you just need a bit of comfort.
  8. Exercise. Who the hell does this?
  9. Sleep. Yup. The day’s already a write-off. Just go back to bed and don’t get up until dinner.
  10. Flat Ginger Ale. Same reasons as for a flu. Ginger helps your tummy, but all that sugar likely won’t, so maybe go for a ginger tea instead.

*Please note we are drinkers, not doctors (we only play doc in our special, private moments, and we’re told that doesn’t count). Anyway, this blog is an anecdotal accumulation of techniques we’ve heard were used in desperation – in some cases by some very famous boozers. None of this is intended to replace a real doctors’s advice, and you should always check with your medical professional before doing anything, ever.

**This article has been adapted and edited since first appearing on thewinesisters.com